I fell asleep INSTANTLY — Trying Vital Proteins Blueberry Collagen Moon Milk

I fell asleep INSTANTLY — Trying Vital Proteins Blueberry Collagen Moon Milk

The Best Sleep Supplement?For the past two months, I’ve been trying Vital Proteins’ Blueberry Collagen Moon Milk. If you’re familiar with Vital Proteins, you may know that this “moon milk” powder has many mixed reviews… Often stating that the drink tastes like savory bone broth, rather than a juicy blueberry…

However, after reading Erica Stoleman’s (@fashionlush) blog post on this collagen powder, I learned that you kinda gotta zhuzh it up. That’s what makes this drink totally worth it.

Following Erica’s advice, I mix my Blueberry Moon Milk latte with Almond Milk + a tablespoon of creamy Vanilla Bean Honey (mine is from Holy Honey). If you don’t have Vanilla Honey on hand, I’d recommend using normal, local honey or some sugar-free Torani Vanilla Syrup (you can get it at Target).

Oh — and you wanna make this stuff HOT. I microwave the almond milk for a minute + then mix it all up.

Why Try?So let me tell you all about WHY I wanted to try this drink out, regardless of the mixed reviews…

I have a hard time sleeping. (Don’t we all?) And to be honest, I get reaaaaally bored of melatonin gummies and pills (and sometimes I find that they don’t work effectively 24/7?). I like to switch it up with a sleepy-time tea or some kind of different sleep-inducing product if I can. Secondly, I’ve NEVER tried drinking a warm glass of milk before bed. We’ve all heard about it and how a warm glass of milk has worked for many people for decades, but I’ve never tried it. This little Moon Milk concoction was going to let me try this “warm milk” concept out (but with almond milk).

My impression of the Moon Milk after trying it for a month and half was — holy hell — it works. There’s just something about how warm and toasty this beverage is. I’m definitely not grossed out by the “warm milk” concept anymore. The milk in combination with the ingredients of the Blueberry Moon Milk just have been working for me. When I first tried the drink, I could hardly keep my eyes open when I finished the cup. I was totally shocked because normal melatonin gummies + such usually don’t knock me out as hard as this drink does.

TIP: You HAVE to put the full 2 scoops of the powder in the milk for it to REALLY knock you out, though. I’ve experimented with using just 1 scoop (cause this stuff is kinda expensiveeeee… tryna be savvy u know), and it did not have the same effect for me. But the 2 scoops… The 2 scoops makes me hella tired.

The Ingredients– 1 mg Melatonin

– 200 mg GABA

– 600 mg Ashwagandha

– 100 mg Magnesium

– 140 mg Potassium

– 120 mg Calcium

– 10g Bone Broth Collagen

– Dairy-Free

– Total Calories: 150 calories for 2 scoops

My Research and ThoughtsIf you know me, you know I was THRILLED about ashwagandha being in this powder. It. Works. For. Me. Ashwagandha is by far the best mood stabilizer + stress supplement that I’ve tried (it helps me stay more zen throughout the day / not let stressful situations affect me as much). It’s a great supplement that helps promote a healthy response to stress.

Magnesium is also something that our bodies tend to lack (especially if you tend to have muscle cramps pretty frequently like I do), so this powder is a great way to get some of your daily dose in. Magnesium is known to help ease muscle pain + tension, while also promoting relaxation, easing anxiety, helping with PMS symptoms, and promote bone health. Potassium also helps with muscle cramps, so thank goodness that’s an ingredient as well.

Have you ever heard of GABA? I vaguely have, and have seen it starting to increase in popularity in the sleep supplement world. After doing some research, I found that GABA is an inhibitor. It’s good at inhibiting certain neurotransmitters in our central nervous system, and in-turn, helping us relax and de-stress. For instance, if we’re stressed, we can produce adrenaline. GABA steps in and helps prevent us from getting overstimulated.

*Jeffree Star voice*  Hi, me laying in bed at 2 AM wide-awake worrying about the next day… How are ya?

hahahah I’m sorry

Therefore, GABA is the goat because it helps reduce the time it will take for you to fall asleep because you will be oh-so-relaxed, and also help you have more pleasant dreams. I know my neighbors will appreciate the lack of my night terrors. (It’s not fun waking up screaming from a nightmare, lol. I look like the dang Exorcist).

^ me. that’s actually me.

Pros, Cons, and RamblingsMy only con about this product is the price point. I think that the amount of servings that you get for the price point of $39 to $45 is a bit steep for a sleep supplement. And the container says you only get about 10 servings?? Like what is that? 10 servings for $39?

That being said, I reach for this powder on days when I KNOW. FO SHO. THAT I WILL NOT BE ABLE TO SLEEP. When I have a stressful day, I drink my Moon latte. When I’m super excited about something + can’t turn my brain off, I drink my Moon latte. When I wanna treat myself just because, I drink my Moon latte.

If you do decide to try this product, don’t be scared away by the reviews that it has. Like I said, you need to zhuzh up this latte a bit with some honey or vanilla syrup to make it taste heavenly. I promise you — once you make it all fancy dancy, it will be worth it because it will then taste wonderful but also do what it’s advertising. Don’t let your head hit the pillow too hard. 😉

Vital Proteins Blueberry Moon Milk Collagen Latte

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I’m so impressed with this though, for real. Being the Kardashian lover that I am, I HAVE to try Kourtney Kardashian’s Pink Collagen Moon Milk that she made in a collaboration with Vital Proteins. Have you tried this stuff before? Please let me know your thoughts, and let me know if you decide to try one of Vital Proteins’ Moon Milk lattes out! 🙂

Happy snoozing!

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