Tips for Anti-Aging Beauty Sleep

Tips for Anti-Aging Beauty Sleep

1. Use an Anti-Wrinkle Pillow or a Silk Pillowcase:

Y’all, let me tell you about my infamous boob pillow. I have a couple things that I love to incorporate into my night routine — but I have to tell you about the boob pillow first because everyone thinks I’m insane. I love this pillow because it literally shields me from crushing my face against the pillow. So many wrinkles on our faces are formed by the constant pressure of our faces against our pillows. All the smashing of the face and rolling around mashes your face into weird positions, forming wrinkles. And if you’re not using a silk pillowcase already — cotton pillowcases are notorious for being too rough for our skin and hair, while also causing acne. 

So in typical me fashion, I pulled a 2-in-1. I use the YourFacePillow with their super chic champagne silk pillowcase that perfectly fits the pillow. I call it my “boob pillow” because it seriously looks like your head is laying between two boobs… Hahaha but it works for me! I find it incredibly comfortable (my boyfriend even wants one) and can’t sleep well without it now. 

The best way to prevent wrinkles while sleeping is to sleep on your back as much as possible. This pillow allows me to sleep on my back comfortably, however, it also protects my face from wrinkling when I sleep on my side as well. The “boobs” kind of act as a means of reinforcement to keep me from smushing my head on the pillow. It gently positions my head to stay in a comfortable position regardless if I sleep on my back or side. There are a ton of anti-aging pillows on the market, but I highly recommend picking up this one and switching to a silk pillowcase.

2. Get That Humidifier Going!

Our skin can dry out if we live in low-humidity environments. I definitely have to use one since I live in Southern California. Sleeping with a humidifier can help your skin appear more hydrated and plump. Hydrated skin = more wrinkle prevention!

I also love sleeping with one in my bedroom because the humidity also helps keep my plants happy and healthy. 🙂 

I use this one from Amazon. It’s pretty easy to clean and doesn’t require a filter. You can even use essential oils with it for added relaxation.

3. Use a Retinol and/or a Thick Moisturizer for Your Face & a Retinol Eye Cream

‘Nuff said. Take care of your skin! Retinol is one of the best ways to fight against aging. I specifically like The Inkey List’s retinol, but have also used Obagi in the past. I’m also dying to try Tretinoin. If you’ve been using it and like it, please let me know! 

I also don’t like to skimp on the eyes. I’m trying to prevent my crow’s feet from growing (I love to smile, and hey, nothing wrong with that!) so I like to also apply a retinol eye cream. Just make sure it’s gentle enough for you. That’s the key to retinols!! Always go easy to avoid irritation!

4. Moisturize the HECK out of your neck. Don’t forget your hands and lips, too.

Our hands and neck show aging sooo significantly. They say you can always tell a person’s age by how their hands look. The best way to combat wrinkles on your neck is by slathering on a thick moisturizing cream. I usually use a pretty big pump of my CeraVe Moisturizing Lotion and rub it in on my neck and decolletage. Then, before I go to bed, I MUST put on a hand creme and a lip sleeping mask/lip balm. Bonus points for you if you put retinol on your hands (as long as you aren’t sensitive — always try a small patch of skin first to avoid irritation!). 

5. Drink a Collagen Latte or Tea (Decaf)!

An easy way to get your collagen in is by including it in your wind-down routine. For a lot of us, that includes drinking a sleepytime tea or some warm milk. I enjoy using the Vital Proteins Blueberry Moon Milk Collagen Latte to wind down at night. Not only does it have collagen, but it also includes ashwagandha (my fave calming supplement, guys!), GABA, Magnesium, Potassium, and Melatonin. It’s the perfect nighttime elixir and it makes me so, so sleepy after I finish a cup. I end up sleeping like a baby. I go more in-depth on how I prepare this latte on one of my previous posts here.

You can also easily include collagen by adding a scoop of unflavored collagen powder to a hot tea. I like to use Vital Proteins’ Unflavored Collagen Powder and find that it mixes in seamlessly with any hot drink. You can’t really taste it at all! Since it’s unflavored, you can 100% add it into any hot drink that you like to indulge in to help you wind down after a long day.

Collagen supplements aid in benefiting the plumpness of your skin and help fight wrinkles. When we ingest collagen, the peptides travel through our bodies and stimulate our cells to produce more collagen. This is amazing because as we age, we lose collagen, so using a collagen supplement is a great way to combat that. I go more in-depth on collagen’s benefits here.

6. Close Your Blinds. Don’t Sleep Near the Sun.

We all know how important it is to use sunscreen, but of course, we’re not using sunscreen while we sleep. At least I’m not! One thing that I feel gets overlooked is why it’s so important to sleep in darkness. I obviously have to use a nightlight because of my night terrors, but I’m saying like… Close your blinds or use blackout curtains. Your skin is totally unprotected from the sun while you sleep and the LAST thing we need is the sun beating down on our faces! We do not need another means for making more sunspots and wrinkles!

7. Use an Eyelash Serum and Eyebrow Serum to Achieve a More Youthful Look

This is probably one of my favorite tips. Our eyelashes can break, and our eyebrow hair can look sparse. Having long lashes and bushier eyebrows is denoted as “youthful” qualities — and an easy way to work towards achieving a more youthful look is to use serums at night. Of course, you must be patient — you’re not going to grow the equivalent of fake lashes overnight!

I’ve been using Latisse for over 4+ years and I SWEAR by it. I like to even switch it up with the GrandeLash and GrandeBrow products, too. I’ll do an in-depth post on my Latisse journey at some point, but I can assure you — it works. I use to have sparse lashes and now, my eyelashes are thick and long. I MUST apply it every night or else I lose my mind, lol! I love my Latisse. 

Tip: When using Latisse, use thin disposable eyeliner brushes from Amazon. Do NOT use the brushes that they supply you with — it wastes product! Just squeeze a droplet into the cap and apply with the thin Amazon brush. You can even rinse them out and reuse them to be more eco-friendly.

Do you have any holy grail anti-aging tips?

I know I’m only in my 20s, but I can’t get enough of taking care of my skin and taking preventative measures to combat fine lines and wrinkles!

Let me know! 🙂



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